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  1. I just spoke with my doctor. Antibody titers were at 1:1 after 19 1/2 weeks. I also found out my doctor had misinformed me! The titer was 1:2 12 weeks after the vaccine and 1:1 16 weeks after the vaccine. I'm hoping this means it is even more likely that it is just a false positive... Is 1:1 the lowest score? Is this what you would expect to find if it's a false positive after this long? Or could it be lower than 1:1 (e.g. barely detectable)? I'm wondering when I will know for sure. After 6 months / 26 weeks? My doctor could not tell me anything about titering. She had referred me to a specialist but was told it could be months before I get an appointment. Thanks!
  2. Thank you everyone for responding! I appreciate your input! I have done a bit of research just to understand everything a bit better. One woman online posted that she had false-positive tests for just over 6 months but eventually all subsequent tests were negative. I'm still holding out hope that it is still a false positive! I'll try not to worry too much though.
  3. First, thank you so much Malcolm and Mable for your posts. It has been incredible helpful to discuss this with people who know the subject. It was frustrating when my doctor was unable to tell me the probability of a false positive vs. actual sensitization. Thank you so very much for providing the information and analysis. It gives me hope to carry on until the Another point I wanted to add is that the baby only developed to 8 weeks (however, I only found out at my first scan at 12 weeks and which point a the miscarriage was medically triggered). I think this point is further in my favor. From the research I've done, there is only a theoretical risk from a 8-week old fetus; I could not find research discussing actual cases of sensitization that early on. At 8 weeks it is equivalent in size to a raspberry, although it potentially had an active heart and blood cells. But as you mentioned, the amount of red blood cells would have been very small. Thanks also for clarifying/demystifying the titer results. I have been referred to an OBGYN (who will hopefully have greater knowledge about this subject than my doctor) and I'll have another blood test in 3 weeks. I'm very hopeful that everything will come back clean. What result should I be looking for? Less than 1:1? Or negative? My husband and I plan to start trying to conceive again in two months so hopefully we will know with certainty before than. Again, I can't thank you enough for your kind words and the information you provided!! It has given me hope to carry on until the next test...
  4. Thank you both for the kind words and reassurance that there is a chance it could be a false positive. I was given 300 mg of Rhogam They injected it in my shoulder (I am a small girl - only 115 lbs if that helps). Also, I just got my titering results. It was 1:1 with the first test and 1:2 with the second. I guess it is really bad that it went up! so sad... I am so worried and disappointed Thanks again for the assistance.
  5. Hi, I would like to know the likelihood of a false-positive RH anti-bodies test 16 weeks after Rhogam. I found out I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks (baby stopped developing around 8 weeks) in October. I had a medically-induced miscarriage and received the Rhogam vaccine 8 hours after I started bleeding. This was my first pregnancy and I've never had a blood transfusion. I am O-, my husband is O+. I had a prenatal antibody test 12 week after receiving Rhogam and tested positive. I had a follow-up test 4 weeks later (16 weeks receiving the vaccine) and again tested positive. Unfortunately they have not given me my titer results and have told me to come back in 4 weeks for another test. My doctor (I live in Canada and only have family doctor not an OBGYN) is unfamiliar with this situation. I am worried that I have actually become sensitized. What are the chances that it is a false-positive due to the Rhogam vs. actually sensitized. All I have been told is that I tested "positive" for antibodies 16 weeks after the vaccine but the doctor said it could be a false positive. What is the average length of time before the RhIG no longer shows up on tests? I am not pregnant now; we would like to know if I am actually sensitized before conceiving again. Thanks very much!!
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