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  1. We use commercial PBS (Fisher) that has a pH 7.1-7.3 per the label.
  2. I am coming in to the discussion late but could you stock the Anti-C3 but only perform QC when it is actually used?
  3. That is ok Malcolm and thank you so much for the info! We plan on doing some additional testing to investigate this possibility. Monica
  4. We currently have a patient who is a woman of child bearing age (no pregnancies) with a diagnosis of GI bleed. She has a 5g hemoglobin of course, and has been transfused in the last week. Differential alloadsorptions removed the reactivity with the panel cells but when the crossmatches were performed in parallel with the adsorbed plasma they were incompatible with A+ units. We, however discovered today that type O+ units were compatible with the adsorbed plasma. Any thoughts as to why this may be? Patient types A1 positive and no issues with the reverse ABO type. Thanks for any input. Monica
  5. I work at a reference lab and we recommend crossmatch compatible units for Anti-Lu(a) since it has not been implicated in transfusion reactions AND there is no antisera available to type units.
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