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  1. Is it your facility's policy to perform an eluate on cord blood when baby is Rh-positive and mom is Rh-negative with a passive anti-D due to RhIG? Or do you only do cord blood elution when mom has a "real" alloantibody? Just wondering about policies at other health systems. Thank you!
  2. I'm wondering if it is valuable to get my SBB. If I have an MLS and 2 years of experience in a very busy, vey well-run hospital blood bank, will completing an SBB program give me additional knowledge that will actually help me run my current blood bank? Can anyone comment on the quality of online programs available? I see programs that are available online and accredited by CAAHEP include: UTMB Health, BioBridge Global, LifeShare Blood Center, Rush University, and oneblood.
  3. When you have a patient with an antibody, do you antigen type them for the entire antigen group, or just for the specific antibody antigen? At my previous blood bank, if we had an anti-Jka, we would only antigen type the patient and donor for Jka. If we had an anti-c, we would type the patient for c and E. If we got an anti-e, we would type for C and e. At my current blood bank, the policy is to antigen type for the entire group. If a patient has anti-c, they get typed for C, c, E, and e. If they have anti-Jka, they get typed for Jka and Jkb. What do other labs do? And can you direct me to the reference that led you to your policy? Thank you!
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