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  1. I just registered to post here to recommend you avoid KW Apparecchi Scientifici. We inherited one with 3x2 pouches from another lab to replace our thermogenesis thawers and they just weren't fit for purpose. It took us 2-3 years to get them replaced (NHS moves slow and doesn't spend money). They have a temperature probe that goes between the plasma bag and the pouch, the idea being that it shuts down when the bag gets to temperature. They also have 2 modes, plasma thawing and blood warming. In plasma thawing mode the pouch would fill and then it would detect the warm pouch and immediately shut down thinking it was finished. We had several engineers out to it and they all switched it to blood warming mode and said it was functioning normally. In blood warming mode it runs for a fixed time and ignores the temperature probe, which got the plasma thawed but took 45 minutes as in this mode the pouches repeatedly fill and empty. Now we have little Barkey ones (I think we got those just because of a contract with LabCold.) They only do 4 units at a time but they thaw with 45'C or 37'C water. At 45'C you can do 1-4 bags in 14-20 mins (time increasing with number of bags). I have heard from colleagues in other hospitals that thawers which don't use hot water at all but hot air are good, but I've not tried them.
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