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  1. I have always used the CAP evaluation criteria for the target.
  2. Hi, does anyone use the iSED sed rate analyzer? I am interested in pros and cons, ease of use, reliability etc. thanks
  3. Thanks for the input. I checked with Joint commission, and they do not accept the procedural control. I have been working on updating my policies etc. to comply.
  4. Yes! There are guidelines that correlate the cell count with the cellularity of the cytospin. We will be switching from CAP accreditation to Joint commission. June will be our first inspection. This is why I am asking about the QC.
  5. our procedural control is correlation of the cell count with the cellularity of a stained slide. CAP allows this.
  6. We had 2 patients who still had an MCHC >37.5 after pre-warming and saline replacement. We made smears on both. One patient had spherocytes. The other patient did not, but that patient had severe icterus. We correct the Hct and RBC.
  7. We currently use a procedural control for our manual cell counts. We are currently CAP certified, but are switching to Joint Commission. One of their Standards states that for manual cell counts, one level of QC for every 8 hours of testing is performed and documented. Does anyone accredited by Joint commission use procedural controls?
  8. Hi, with the ESR auto plus being discontinued, with service support ending at the end of this year, I am looking for a replacement. I am looking at the I-sed. Does anyone have experience with this analyzer? If so, what are your thoughts about it?
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