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    Jessica A got a reaction from Ensis01 in validating patient histories in new LIS   
    I should have specified that the historical data was entered into our archive to my exacting specifics and I have been mini-validating all along because it was an extremely complicated import that took our reporting team months to iron out all the information.  All of the historical data will live in SoftBSA with the patient data eventually importing in to SoftBank.  Unfortunately, my generalist staff only works in BB a couple of days per month and we have already had a near miss due to the history not being in our live system so import of patient data is crucial.  They had trouble transcribing a complicated patient from our old Cerner system into SoftBank while the historical data was getting sorted out.  Right now I'm about to officially validate BSA prior to them copying our live database and loading the patient information in the copy of the SoftBank database which will also have to be validated.  Right now I'm inclined to check the ABO/Rh history on 500 patients which is about 1%, check 100 patients with antibody or antigen histories and all patients with special instructions such as irradiation or comments.
    We are importing unit and rhogam data as well and I think it would be a good idea to check at least a few of every product type we have ever used in the past decade with a heavy emphasis on our common products.  All of this is necessary because we don't have a contract to maintain access to our old system and the files that IT will have as raw data from our old system will be inaccessible and not interpret-able by lab staff.  Tests will also be available in my archive but we can also get those on the archived patient chart in an easier format so I don't see the point in spending a ton of time validating this other than making sure a handful match for each test.
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    Jessica A reacted to DPruden in Special Care nursery-do you have a pedi unit on site at all times?   
    We do have a NICU and have still had cases where they couldn't wait for the aliquot to be prepared, so we gave them the freshest O Neg that we had on the shelf. 
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    Jessica A got a reaction from John C. Staley in MTP with EPIC   
    blood confusion!  Ha ha, that's probably a typo but it is definitely how I feel about our LIS/BBIS conversion!  The number of acronyms used by EPIC are in the hundreds, it is overwhelming.  And every employee in the company appears to be under the age of 28 so they have plenty of mental resources available to remember them all whereas all of us in the hospital are staring in wide eyed fear.
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