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  1. agree with rrcc1974 sorta. It is frustrating when I go to a thread, I inevitably start reading the LAST post first because the default landing on opening is at the END of the posts. It would be better if the default landing was at the BEGINNING of posts.


    The software is actually built this way by design.  If replies were made to a post several times a day you should be brought to the first post you have not read.

  2. I can no longer access BBT on my iPhone.  Is it just me, or are others having the same issue?  I get the error "HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error".  How can I fix this? I miss BBT!


    I am having server issues at the moment, and it's only affecting the mobile version.  I am trying to resolve this problem.  If you visit the site directly www.pathlabtalk.com and scroll to the bottom you can change to Full Version.  Don't click on a link from an email, you will get that error.


    Sorry about this, it's making me pretty frustrated too.

  3. I used to be able to access the arcade through my arcade stats in my profile - this seems to have disappeared :( Any ideas anyone?

    Hi Auntie-D,

    Honestly, I've never really used the arcade, but knew it got a lot of use from members, so I wanted to keep it.

    I had tested a couple of the games a while back and I see links to those from within my profile page, does that help any?

    If not, you can add games to your favorites from within the Arcade and they will be listed in the favorites tab.

  4. I mourn the passing of Bookworm.

    I have to actually do some work now.

    Sorry to hear you had a favorite that is now gone. I will see what I can do about getting one back. I found thousands of games, but thought it would be silly to have so many, and they all have ads at the beginning - they play a 15 sec video ad before you can click the play button. That seemed too frustrating to me and was a real turn-off.

  5. Cliff, I know this may be a little late but I just have to ask: with all the new tabs (and hopefully new members) will there be enough bandwidth on the site to handle the increased traffic without slowing down to a crawl?

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    Yes, there is plenty of bandwidth available on the current hosting plan. We are hosted with a very solid company.

    If the site grows to the point were this is compromised, we will move to a dedicated plan with increases speed and bandwidth.

  6. Under New Posts, what do the envelope colors, blue and orange mean?

    Hi lalamb,

    Here's a legend for what those icons mean:

    thread_new-16.png Contains unread posts

    thread-16-right.png Contains no unread posts

    thread_hot_new-16.png Hot thread with unread posts

    thread_hot-16.png Hot thread with no unread posts

    thread_lock-16.png Thread is closed

    thread_dot-16-right.png You have posted in this thread

  7. Cliff I realy miss the "Since last visit" selection for what is new. what is the future of this.

    Hi Buggie,

    While you're logged in, click Forum, then just below that you'll see New Posts. These are posts since the last time you logged in.

    After you've read these posts go to Forum Actions -> Mark Forums Read. That will indicate you've read all of the posts. The next time you visit, the New Posts will still show posts you haven't read.

    Did I make any sense?

    The big menu with the many selections of dates will not return.


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