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You may have noticed hidden in the Help / Info menu PathLabTalk has an Arcade installed. Actually almost since the site has started there was an arcade.

The previous arcade (previous to today) had a significant security issue and needed to be removed. No fear, your Asteroids score was not shared with the world. :cool:

The sad news is your scores were deleted. The good news is we have all new games for you to try and beat.

As always, please post any site errors here.



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I mourn the passing of Bookworm.

I have to actually do some work now.

Sorry to hear you had a favorite that is now gone. I will see what I can do about getting one back. I found thousands of games, but thought it would be silly to have so many, and they all have ads at the beginning - they play a 15 sec video ad before you can click the play button. That seemed too frustrating to me and was a real turn-off.

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I used to be able to access the arcade through my arcade stats in my profile - this seems to have disappeared :( Any ideas anyone?

Hi Auntie-D,

Honestly, I've never really used the arcade, but knew it got a lot of use from members, so I wanted to keep it.

I had tested a couple of the games a while back and I see links to those from within my profile page, does that help any?

If not, you can add games to your favorites from within the Arcade and they will be listed in the favorites tab.

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