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  1. We didn't switch, not sure that would be entirely possible, we do use automation for the bulk of our work. @Nicole Osman, I think you need more specifics on your question. How large is your lab? How many staff? Dedicated blood bankers or generalists? What is your current methodology? What are you trying to gain? Lots of great people here happy to help.
  2. We have LN2 storage and an O2 sensor. We don't validate it (and won't), but do replace it yearly.
  3. I'd suggest starting with who recommended a validation every two years. We've gone many routes over the past couple of decades. We've done the validation 100% inhouse (a lot of work) and hired people to do all that is allowed for an outside vendor to do (a lot of money).
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    Consult and communicate with the staff of hospitals and transfusion facilities to resolve serological problems and supply antigen-negative or special units to transfusion recipients. Responsible for the supervision of the laboratory staff including, but not limited to, hiring, training, coaching, evaluating, and disciplining to ensure a well-qualified team and to enhance operational success. In conjunction with the Technical and Medical Directors, provide guidance to ensure appropriate patient care. Responsible for the supervision of staff who perform and interpret serological procedures on specimens submitted for compatibility testing or problem resolution. Assure quality and adequacy of testing, reference and consultation services are maintained. May perform and interpret basic and complex donor and / or patient testing procedures and complete required quality control, as appropriate to state and federal regulations. Recognize testing irregularities, identify the cause, determine the solution and resolve the problem. Perform, review, and approve quality control on products, reagents, and equipment and validations. Assure required records and files are maintained. May perform or assist in writing, organizing and maintaining departmental procedure manual. Perform duties associated with document development, implementation, and management. Perform record review, training, and competency assessments. Provide internal and external education. Participate in external and internal inspections / audits and corrective actions. Oversight of work schedules, Kronos weekly approvals and overtime tracking for weekends, holidays, scheduled benefit time and daily assignment of tasks for technical staff. Coordinates assignments with other supervisors; makes adjustments as needed. Provides technical assistance and supervision for the daily operation of the lab including pre-transfusion testing and component manufacturing. Reviews status of workload periodically throughout the shift assuring good communication and continuity of services between shifts. Shares on call responsibilities. Performs laboratory procedures as required. Performs other departmental duties as requested. Qualifications - External BS or BA, MT (ASCP) or BB (ASCP) - SBB preferred. Three to five years of leadership experience.
  4. I am not aware of a requirement to do this. Is it required / suggested by the vendor?
  5. No one that I am aware of. Does your vendor?
  6. I did ask the developers of the software to add a range. It will come in a future release. With the current job climate, I expect this section to get a lot of use/ I may add a resume section too.
  7. In this "new" world of ever-increasing job openings, with a hyper fluid pool of applicants, keeping positions filled becomes a little bit harder each day. Do you have openings you're trying to fill? Are you in the market for a new job opportunity? Great news, PathLabTalk now has a specific section for posting Jobs. Please consider posting your open positions here: https://www.pathlabtalk.com/forum/index.php?/jobs/ You can also apply for one of these positions and the person posting the job will receive notification. As always, this is provided as a free service.
  8. Thanks for the update, and very sorry to hear this.
  9. Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Reactions Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Reactions This question was submitted by forum member, Malcolm Needs. Any errors are those of the site admin, not Malcolm. Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Reactions.pptx Submitter Cliff Category BloodBankTalk Submitted 10/18/2021  
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    Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Reactions This question was submitted by forum member, Malcolm Needs. Any errors are those of the site admin, not Malcolm. Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Reactions.pptx
  10. Pay now or pay later. I'd look at the volume of testing you plan to do on it, and the amount of hands on time required. We have a busy lab and two IH-1000. Most staff are comfortable running the two by themselves (and in this staffing environment we're all facing - that good ), some staff like assistance. Reagent cost - lease, reagent rental, outright purchase? Reliability Responsiveness of the company. Annual maintenance requirements? So much more to consider than the initial cost.
  11. Welcome, be sure to tell your coworkers!
  12. We're not using platelets on days 6 or 7. We transfuse about 50 a day, that could be a lot of work for us.
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