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  1. Cliff

    Blood on Helicopter

    Hi John, We bill them for the products. If the RBCs are retuned, there is 0 charge. No charge for any service or processing on our end. As I mentioned, we bill for all liquid plasma as it's not a product we transfuse in the hospital, and we don't want it returned to reduce the chance we use it in error. They bill for the transfusion. BMF is an unusual setup, they are a consortium funded nonprofit. We're one of the hospitals that funds them. Thanks
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  2. I suggest to my techs during training that it may be prudent to test the last wash before preparing the eluate - especially when additional red cells are not available. I'm sorry to report that I have seen several elutions where the last wash never became negative..... usually with cord cells where the mom had a VERY strong antibody - even changing tubes with every wash. I'm sure that if I had had the patience and persistence, it might have become negative but I gave up at 10 washes.
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