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  1. mrmic

    Transfusion Errors

    Ok, I'll start. The story of "Who turned off the Light". The year was 1999. Hospital "Notme Medical Center" supported an outpatient clinic for patients requiring transfusion, some due to sickle cell anemia. Often these were young adults that came into the clinic very early in the morning. After their blood was collected and they were waiting for the crossmatched packed red cell units to arrive, the patients preferred to sleep (pre i-phone years). Normally at least one light was left on, usually the bathroom light, while they were waiting. At 0530 the first of two tagged crossmatched
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  2. John C. Staley

    Transfusion Errors

    I had always found it difficult to convince nurses that we were working with a person/patient and not a room/bed! This became even more difficult after all the privacy rules and regulations came about. It was almost as if they were terrified to say a patient's name aloud!
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