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    Nursing orders to transfuse

    Currently we require that nursing documents on the blood request card that they have verified the physician order to transfuse. We only crossmatch units if there is an order to transfuse. We do not "hold" blood for anyone except the OR and those units are not issued to anyone but the OR. If they are to be transfused post-op we require the physician to place a new order to transfuse. We are in the process of creating a nursing order to transfuse that will print in the blood bank so that we know there is an order to transfuse.
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    Time for a little philosophy. I have often described healthcare as an upside down pyramid with everything balanced on it's weakest part. Generally speaking, and I really intend no disrespect here but, our entire system is at the mercy of the lowest paid, least educated areas with the highest turn over rate. You will rarely encounter a career admissions clerk. Their training generally consists of "see one, do one, teach one". Granted this is based on my limited personal experience but it is what I and my wife have both seen in our careers in healthcare. As to a solution, I'm sorry to say that I don't have one that is very palitable in the current climate of financial restraint. (How is that for attempting to be PC!) I have found over the years when ever the opportunity to educate those folks responsible for obtaining patient information on why it is so critical, from a blood bank perspective, to get it right they were quite surprised and became much more diligent. Which brings me to another of my favorite axioms, "If they don't know why they can't or won't comply!" Ok, I'm done. Have a nice day.
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    You can only do so much with the info you are given. Do the best you can, document when you find errors and let the appropriate department know.

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