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Thermo Fisher Cell Washer 3

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Has anyone purchased the new cell washer from Thermo Fisher, the Cell Washer 3?  I'm interested in your experience with it and any advantages/disadvantages you see.  Are there any extensive maintenance requirements you wish you would have known prior to purchase?  I was unable to find the operators/service manual online.

Our old Sorvall 2+ finally died, may it rest in peace.

I've reviewed the operators manual to the new Helmer.  It looks nice.  Not sure how long the display will last with my staff.  I also thought a negative was that they recommend running distilled H2O through it daily or after it sits for more than 4 hours.  We don't use it often, so we'd be running distilled water through it prior to every use. 



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hi ksmith ,, regarding the thermo cw3 here in our section we have it for 6 month, we use it around 10 times/ day

no problem at all unlike cw2 with the plastic rotor inside lots of problems with that one, id say 6 months are not enough to judge but it's doing well up to this moment.


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Thanks, that's good news.  We purchased one.  I'm getting ready to write up a validation plan.

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