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Prewarm panel/screen

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    • By goodchild
      How does your institution handle the charges for routine antibody identification?
      When a full panel is performed, 86870 is charged.
      When selected cells are used, 86885 can be charged per cell.
      How do you populate this to a patient's record? Is it some sort of data entry submitted by the technologist working on the ABID? Manual charge entry after daily review? What LIS are you using?
      Please help!
    • By goodchild
      I feel like I was just struck by a blinding flash of the obvious with a little dash of "we've always done it that way."
      When we do an elution, we perform an antibody screen with the eluate and the last wash, and an antibody ID panel for positives (or selected cells in rare cases when a lower incidence antibody is considered).
      86860 is to cover the process that makes the elution; are we completely failing to charge for the additional antibody screen and antibody ID?
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