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Meditech Issuing Products questions

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It is my understanding that when issuing blood in Meditech the location automatically populates . What happens when an inpatient goes to the OR and blood is issued to the OR. Does Meditech capture this? If not can you change the location or do you just make a comment somewhere.

And when issuing blood in a validated cooler can you designate your cooler ID in the issuing screen which allows you to return blood >30 minutes, or do you just make a comment and then return the blood no more than 30 minutes post issue even if it was out for 4 hours. 





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If your hospital is using "Temporary Locations" it will populate the temporary location (e.g., Dialysis, OR1). You can have your IS team design "customer defined screens" with fields in the issuing units screen that could cover things like cooler IDs/etc.

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We change the location to where the blood product is being issued if not to the patient floor.  We have validated the blood coolers for 24 hours, so we indicate on the issue screen that the blood was issued in the cooler and then we just return to prior status when the blood cooler is returned to us.

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