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Antigen Charges


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I am sure this topic is somewhere else but I have not been unable to find it for my question. Currently my organization drops an unit antigen charge when testing. If the unit is returned and issued to another patient they do not drop another charge. This is tedious to track and is often missed. I have been told by two other organization that they drop an antigen charge every time the unit leaves the blood bank. I am unable to find anything that gives me the correct way to charge but I do not want to go the other way and be in violation of CMS. Does anyone know the rule for this and where I can find documentation? 


Thank you in advance. 

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My understanding is the antigen charge(s) are applied for the ordered number of units crossmatched. If keep ahead: then charge subsequent units that are issued. 
This keeps a consistent process. Especially if the units have to come from the reference lab. 
Usually in-house screening for units have no additional charge. 
I do not know the documentation reference though I am sure others will. 

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