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POC Hemoglobin Best Instruments


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Two part question:

1. Measured Hemoglobin verses calculated hemoglobin and the impact it has on physician choices for transfusion purposes. 

2. The good the bad and the ugly with POC instruments that measure/calculate hemoglobin such as AVOX, GEM Premiers, Hemocue, I-STATS and anything else that might be out there.

Thank you in advance! 

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GEM all the way!  It's so user friendly - instruction videos of how to use it can be played. GEM has everything else too - ISEs, carboxy Hb etc

Just make sure you lock permissions so the users can't eject the cartridge - not much fun when they waste 1000 tests due to pressing the wrong button.

The best thing about Werfen is they are an up-front company. There was an issue with the potassium (i think) which affected 1:100,000 tests, so they remote disabled it until it could be fixed. Much better than a certain company who has known issues with their Troponin (1:10 false positive ish) and their solution is to rerun all positives. Yeah cause that's an ethical way to go about it..

Anyway rant over - GEMs are great!

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