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Hi All,  I am just wondering what you all are doing about the Blue Top Coag tube shortage.  We have gone to fingerstick protimes but that doesn't cover all our coag testing.


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We have been working closely with our vendor and have been able to stay stocked up.  We have stopped collecting extra blue tops but we haven't had to restrict testing yet.

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    • By JCarpenter
      We are in the process of choosing new Coag. analyzers and have narrowed it down to IL and Siemens.  I was hoping to get opinions on the liquid protime reagent for the Top 350s that IL says is available.  Also how is their Heparin Xa reagent.  We have a CA1500 now and would change to the CA2500 but I have been having some QC issues lately but my instrument is only 12 years old.
    • By camillekiam
      Hi everyone, our lab is planning to get a new coag machine and I would like to ask your personal experiences and opinion about the two choices that we have. I've only worked with ACL machines. Which machine do you think is best for a small lab? Which is more cost efficient? Less problem with QC controls especially D-dimer controls (which we usually have a problem with ACL Elite)?
      Hoping for any input!
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      I have a quick question:  Is there a limit to how many times a unit of rbc's can be sent via pneumatic tube?
      I sent a unit to the floor.  The nurse called me within 5 minutes and apparently the IV had infiltrated and she couldn't hang the blood.  I had her send it back to me as it had not been spiked.  The temp was fine and I put it back in the fridge.  I could not find any documentation in our procedures about it and looked on the net etc..  My gut feeling was that I would err on the side of caution and when they requested it again the nurse had no problem with coming to the lab to pick it up (we are in a different building than the hospital).
      Most of my coworkers thought I was crazy (not disputing that) so I wanted to check with you fine folks!
      Haven't been online in a while and miss all of the talk!
      Hello to Malcolm Needs! (I am sure he is still about)!
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