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  1. Can anyone provide some help/insight into how they identify each "Test System" to satisfy the 6 elements of competency for CAP? Personally, I feel like "Blood Bank" should be it's own "test system" and I should be able to assign all the different testing we do into one of the 6 elements based on the errors/problems I see throughout the year. Then rotate all the different testing systems, using the 6 elements, annually. it specifically says "if there are any tests with unique aspects, problems, or procedures within the same testing platform competency must be assessed as a separate test system system to ensure staff are performing those aspects correctly" Am I really supposed to perform all six elements for: ABORH/ABS using echo, gel, tube XM using gel, tube Antibody Identification using gel, tube, ficin, diluting 3% down to 08% for gel testing, etc,etc,etc Dat using Gel, tube Just using the above examples that's documenting 66 elements annually and that's only scratching the surface! How many "test systems" have been able to narrow your blood banking down to? I feel like I need to hire someone just to do competency assessments!
  2. Welcome to the forums RandAlThor :)

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