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  1. For reaction to O cells, we concluded due to presence of anti-H or anti-HI. For A1 cell, because of 4+, the possibility of another antibody was raised. I will update when the patient comes back in future. Thanks for your reply, Galvania.
  2. Actually, we didn't do cold panel. As the patient has only soluble A antigen, my consultant concluded that may be different epitopes can stimulate to produce anti-A1 or like antibody. However, next time, when the patient come back, I have to keep in mind about certain cold antibodies. Thanks.
  3. Yes, Galvania, we did crossmatch with LISS and panel at 37°C. One thing I am not clear is if it is cold antibody; why it didn't react with bombay units? And it cannot be anti-A1? This is only for my learning process, as for patient's management, we will give, for sure, bombay units.
  4. Dear Galvania, Thanks for reply. Yes, I really don't know whether she can develop anti-A1, and made me confuse. To update information, we received her new sample after the one in question. Forward and Reverse reaction were the same, but antibody screening was 1+ reaction in cell III (We use Abtectcell III 0.8%), and DAT was negative. Then we put the panel (We use Diamed panel), but the panel was negative. To make it more complicated was when we knew that she was admitted for LSCS, before we can get either bombay or parabombay blood, we try to get some compatible units if possible, for emergency. Our plan is we will crossmatch with A pos units, again cross match was incompatible. However, we got one unit O pos compatible. That's weird. Fortunately, we got two bombay units for her and more fortunately, her pregnancy was delivered safely.
  5. We have received one pregnant patient who had history of parabombay A (Ah-secretor). Four years ago, she was admitted for elective LSCS for her pregnancy.The blood group test done at that time showed forward reaction negative and reverse reaction positive to B cells (4+). The patient has received one parabombay A unit from her sister at that time. Recently, she was admitted for another LSCS and I was curious about the blood group testing. Her forward grouping was same, but reverse grouping showed 4+ reaction to A1 and B cells, 2+ to O cells. We used Bio-vue system for grouping. Antibody screening was negative. My question is the patient can actually develop anti-A1 antibody if her blood group is parabombay A. Thanks in advance!
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