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  1. Thank you for this link, it was very informative and current, which is what I am looking for. I recently read an article about using Trypsin treated cells and it sounded great, but the presenter of the Bio Rad webinar very clearly outlined the pros and cons of each method. I'm disappointed that the CD38 protein is only still available for research use only. With only minimal concerns for dilution, no noxious chemicals, and no destruction of Kell antigens it sounds like the perfect solution. I am very hopeful more labs will request more information of the company to encourage its use, soon. Thanks again. NT
  2. Hello everyone. At the AABB annual meeting I heard there is available a soluble CD38 substance that can be used to neutralize the anti-CD38 from therapy that interferes with routine antibody detection. I love the idea of not having to use DTT anymore since it is a very noxious chemical. Does anyone have experience with this method they would be willing to share? I am guessing it must be costly or most labs would be using it? Thanks in advance.
  3. I work for an IRL and yes, we treat cells with DTT when we know the patient has received Daratumimab. Recently we are encountering other monoclonal antibody therapies as well, and I am eager to know if anyone has had problems with serological testing related to these therapies? And if so, how do you resolve them?
  4. Welcome to the forums naomitolliver :)

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