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  1. So I was wondering if anyone else could chime in on this. I have a few different scenarios, so if it wouldn't be to much to ask, please specify which one is being responded to. A.) If a patient comes in for pre-op labs to be done; how is the patient re-identified/verified when they come back the next day for admission? B.) A patient comes in for same-day surgery with blood on hold for OR; the patient is discharged that evening. The patient comes back in 2 days and the MD is requesting RBCs (still within 72 hr acceptability) Is the original sample still valid, or is a new sample required? C.) How is patient ID verified for patients that have multiple reoccurring transfusions on an outpatient basis? Thanks much!!
  2. McCord hit the bullseye- life in the rural hospital is def an adjustment if moving from a large facility! Also in regards to the MLTs- don't count them out! I've worked with many MLTs as generalists and they are completely capable of doing things as most MTs (in fact- I've worked with some MLTs that were more competent than some MTs.... :S) It actually frustrates me when people assume that MLTs are only good for things such as spec processing etc- There are so many hospitals out there (especially the rural ones) that would not be able to survive if it weren't for the fact that MLTs can work in the same capacity as MTs. Enjoy the East Coast!
  3. Newborn: full term, resp distress post meconium aspiration- solid phase aby screen is positive and antibody id is positive across the board. tube dat/auto control are negative. requested a second sample and had same results. negative maternal history- aside from RhIg rec'd 4 months prior. same blood type as baby. any ideas for reactivity?
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