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  1. Thanks Chris! After I sent my question to you, I noticed someone down below said they used CAP's standard for proficiency testing of +/- 3 SD. Hopefully, I'll get better results. I went as far as making sure the counter top was level lol!
  2. May I ask where you found your criteria? I'm sure my supervisor will want that information.
  3. Were you able to get good correlation? I seem to have trouble at the high end. When the result is around 90 or greater, I'm not getting good correlation.
  4. We are switching to a different manufacturer for FDP. I can't find validation material out there. We don't get hardly any FDP's and most of them are negative. Any suggestions?
  5. We are looking to validate body fluids on our Coulter DxH 600. We don't get that many fluids - maybe 2 or 3 a week if we're lucky. I'm having trouble finding a product for validation studies. It seems as though we don't correlate very well manually :(. That is a huge reason for wanting to change to automated. What do you use?
  6. We are looking at replacing our CA-1500 with a Stago Compact Max. Does anybody out there have any experience with Stago? Opinions?
  7. Recently, our lab hired a new lab supervisor. She pointed out that we shouldn't be reporting both an automated differential and a manual diff. Our oncology center needs the ANC right away and bases treatment on that number. Then, after the manual diff is complete, the ANC could potentially change. How does your lab deal with diff's? Do you report out one or the other, not both? If so, how do you give them an ANC?
  8. Our lab is looking to acquire a new cyto centrifuge. We are a small 50 bed hospital and primarily it will be used for body fluids. What kind of cytofuge do you use and would you recommend it?
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