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  1. I loosely used the MLE Proficiency Test standard of +/- 2 standard deviations. Since I only have 2 analyzers I came up with ranges based on the values of the results.
  2. Well, not at first. When I started my correlation studies I was sending blind samples to my techs at the 2 locations where my Sedimat 15 analyzers are located. Some results matched perfectly while some were way off. So I took 5 samples and set them up at both locations myself. And guess what? They matched perfectly. I then found out that my lack of correlation was more of an operator issue rather than the instruments not matching. I think the biggest factor was that some techs were not pressing the pipette all the way down into the pink vial. With all that being said my sample with the highest result during my last study yielded results of 65 and 70. My criteria for acceptance is as follows: Result Target Value 1-15 +/- 4 16-30 +/- 6 30-50 +/- 8 >50 +/- 10 I hope this helps!
  3. I have two laboratories that each has a Sedimat 15 for performing automated erythrocyte sedimentation rates. Does anyone know what the target percentage should be for correlation studies between the two analyzers?
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