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  1. hey there..........the only thing I'm seeing is as follows, in the Blood Collection Process section........"a draw time longer than 15 to 20 minutes may render the unit unsuitable for platelets or plasma transfusions"...... using the phrase "may render....." leaves the door open IMHO ;) I don't see anything specific to draw time in the FFP section or the CRYO section...... Am looking in the 17ed. In my initial post, I do indicate that an eval must be performed to assure no clots present before proceeding if a difficult bleed.
  2. When evaluating collected components for potential cryo production, do you allow production from collections that were considered "difficult" draws, i.e. prolonged draw time? Are difficult draws automatically manufactured into recovered plasma - OR - do you deem these units acceptable for cryo production as long as the component was evaluated and NO CLOT was observed? thanks !!
  3. Thank you .....I appreciate that input and will likely go in that direction!
  4. anyone have some creative scheduling ideas? I'm toying with blocked scheduling, , having staff work 4day work weeks....but longer hours per day, and straddling historical shift times......it would provide much better coverage, but will also be a huge change to what they're accustomed to...... I have 6 techs to cover 7days a week, 7a to 11p........ I have a night shift that I'm not touching.... any ideas are welcome, welcome, welcome....heaviest days are Tues-Thurs.... we also have additional staff (component prep staff) that I'm willing to throw in the mix as well....they just could not do transfusion/reference work obviously.....they are an additional 4 staff members.... I welcome all ideas ! thanks.
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