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  1. In the care industry, or in the special schools; it seems to be apparent that parents for one reason or another are blocked from being involved in care of their children. They want to care for their children, to give input if their children give permission and also to be considered how the child's needs for care affect them. However there is some considerable evidence that this mechanism is severely choked by various excuses or reasons that are part of rules and ethical laws. Parents then as a result complain that their rights are not respected. In some cases parents are left to clean damage or lack of attention give to the children who need to have care. When I refer to children, it often included adults that need their parents help because the care system is not affective. Do you think that there is conspiracy that tries to stop parents being considered in anyway?
  2. hi all, great site im currently three years into working as a community registered nurse and am considering a change im quite interested in working for the blood service as one aspect of my job i really enjoy is being out and about visiting people in the community and i guess this would make up a large part being in a mobile blood clinic. having only donated once and having an interest in this im not sure about what the job is actually like? any feedback or info would be much appreciated. thanks Jim
  3. IM A NURSING STUDENT. AND IM A LITTLE CONFUSED WITH THE BLOOD TRANSFUSION SET UP.. My question is If I prime the Y tubing with normal saline, do i need to prime the blood also once i spike the bag of blood??
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