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  1. I am currently writing a test procedure in BB . Does any one have a sample of validation protocol for this kind? thanks
  2. Does any one know or can recommend a good reference materials for validating a blood bank procedures?
  3. hi Barbara. Thank you for the thought but i just passed my SBB exam. Again, thank you much!!!
  4. hi everyone.I need help! I am planning to take the CQIA (ASQ) exam but i don't know what books/references shoud I use for my studying.Anyone has an idea? It would be appreciated!!
  5. Hi ! You replied to one of my very few posts. that was when I was preparing for my SBB exam. well, i saw that you are so vigilant in sending your unconditional encouragement to all future SBBs. That is so very nice of you. Well, good to say, your encouragemnt to yours truly worked. I passed my SBB exam. Thank you so much. God Bless you aways!
  6. hi Lara, I would suggest several books.Ready? Technical manual (study this cover to cover) AABB stds (study this cover to cover) Modern Blood Banking by HArmening (good reference when Tech Manual is confusing) Bld grp Ag fact book by M. Reid (very good reference material for your Ag.Use this when studing the diff bld grps) Mollison (good reference material when you still can't understand harmening)
  7. To L106, Ckcheng, tbostock, hello! nway, I passed my SBB exam. Thank you so much to the three of you for your support.We may not know each other but it was nice to know that even in other ways, I can connect with someone with the same interest as mine and who could give me support just when I needed it. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys!
  8. google SBB and it will direct you to the directory. Choose from the list where you want to pursue your SBB. Contact thru email the program coordinator and ask for advice. Hope this helps. Goodluck!
  9. to all those who supported me , esp RR1 , thank you so much. I passed my SBB exam!!!!!
  10. Thank you so so much. Glad i found this site. Indeed, we are all blood bankers by heart and soul. We understand the pressure of this certification and the true meaning of it as well.We know how a blood banker feels and thinks and we know how to symphatize w/ this person....To all blood bankers....Thank you so much. You guys are heaven sent =0). I will try my best to be positive for the remaining days i have.
  11. thank you much RR1. I will keep you advice in mind. Wish me luck =0)
  12. thank you so much to all who are giving me support. It is profoundly appreciated. I actually attended the traditional SBB program. But i felt it wasn't enough. I did a lot of studying still.I want to be positive in this....you know, that i will pass the exam.But....we'll see. I will keep u guys posted a week from now.The exam , i know, can be tough. But just as the old saying goes...."do your best, and the GUY up there will do the rest".Again, thank you so much to all. The response is so heartwarming.
  13. i am studying for my SBB exam too. one wk from now, i will be taking it. I am completely nervous , to tell u the truth. I have one chapter in the tech manual which i haven't read/studied yet i.e Disaster mngt. But i did study the Tech manual cover to cover as well as the standards. i also used Marion reid ie Ag fact books and sometimes Mollison. It's a lot of studying to do and yet i dont feel i am ready for it or i would be able to pass the exam. whenver I challenge myself by asnweringSBB questions from the books, often, i would get half of the questions right. That's terrifying and not conv
  14. hi jcarroll. I just took the BB exam last yr.Now, actually , 1 wk from now, i will be taking the SBB exam. Abt the BB exam, to be honest w/ you, I wasn't expecting that i would pass that exam. It's a miracle, to be honest w/ u. I studied for it.But some of the questions during my exam were so tough. I am actually nervous for this upcoming exam, considering the experience i just had on taking the BB exam. There's so much stuff to study and where do we stop?My brain would sometimes give up on me bec it could only take /retain much information. I wish i have a photographic memory.anyway though.Go
  15. hi everyone. After reading all of the msges here, my fear of taking the SBB exam just went greater and greater. I am so scared right now. What if i don't pass it???????
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