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  1. Anybody use any transfusion service software from MAK?
  2. Does anyone use the transfusion service software - eTrace Line from MAK? If so, what do you think and how large is your facility?
  3. When the patients come in prior to surgery and a type and screen is done and you identify an antibody/antibodies but they have not been transfused within 3 months or pregnant, how often do you repeat the antibody ID?
  4. When refering to commercial panel sheets, which is the appropriate term?
  5. Please forgive my ignorance, but isn't a R2r cell heterozygous for E and a R2R2 cell homozygous for E. How would they look the same serologically? thanks
  6. harrisonka

    Any ideas

    Is there a possiblity of red cell destruction caused an outside mechanical force, e.g. additional IV fluid running or medication?
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