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  1. This just in.... today my supervisor received an incident report where our labor and delivery unit complained that we called them with a hemolyzed type and screen that needed to be redrawn. They further complained that the patient could bleed at any time and that multiple needle sticks could open her to infection and loss of access. The nurses suggested solution for this problem??? Get ready, here it comes... And I quote "Hemolyzed specimens should not be a visual test" Uh, WHAT?? And how much more do you make per year than we do????
  2. Has anyone set up the interface with the Ortho Provue and MISYS 6.x? We are just beginning to set ours up (we have 3 Provues) and any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yes, that is what I meant. We have decided to do just what you described. Let Sunquest give us a P#### for our pool, then we will ship out that pool for an "ISBT workaround". Then we will re-deliver the pool into the system using the pool# in an ISBT format-ex. if our pool is P1234 we will create a new unit number of W####08001234CRP with our site number as the W#### and CRP is what Sunquest calls pooled cryo. We started doing this yesterday and so far seems to work ok. By following the same format each time we pool a lookback will not be a problem because we can determine the original pool number from the new number. We can also put the original pool number as a comment on the new one and vice-versa so there's no detective work involved.
  4. What if your LIS does not generate pool (or split ) numbers in ISBT format?? Sunquest 5.3 generates P#'s and Slash/numbers and if we try to insert our own pool # in ISBT format the software will not accept it (must start with a 'P' and have no other letters).
  5. Has anyone who is using Sunquest 5.3 come up with a work-around for the pooling and splitting of products issues? We have figured out most glitches ISBT has thrown us (thawed products!!)but these 2 are still causing headaches!! 5.3 gives us 'P'numbers for pools and '/'numbers for splits but there's no way to print an ISBT label with these donor ID #'s. We have the Computype labeling system and are printing 2x2 labels for each quadrant. Our AABB inspection is coming any day now and we are sure to be a guinea pig for the new standards!! Thanks for any suggestions!!!
  6. We currently have the MISYS computer system in our BloodBank, ver. 5.3 soon to upgrade to 6.3. We are a hospital based transfusion service only. How is labeling for antigen typed units being handled?? We transfuse alot of antigen negative units and do most of the phenotyping inhouse. Are there ISBT codes for the antigens or do you generate a label to be applied to the special Testing area of the ISBT label? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks:redface:!!!!
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