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  1. We are EPIC/EPIC Beaker/Softbank starting 11/2017 and would like to join
  2. Our hospital has selected EPIC EHR/Beaker.  The Blood Bank has selected Softbank.  Could you share your build process for both beaker & Softbank?  Thanks

    1. bankergal


      I'd be happy to talk to you about the build process. Do you have specific questions? If so, feel free to send me an email with your questions - my email address is slgraham@wakehealth.edu

      I'll give you just a bit of background on our facility. We're a large academic medical center. Our main campus has 850 beds - it's a Level I trauma center and has one of the largest cancer treatment centers in our state. The main campus also has a large Pediatrics tower and a NICU. We have a smaller campus with 100 beds - this campus has labor & delivery. We have another campus that provides long-term care to patients. We also have multiple Outpatient clinics, as well as many Outreach clinics.

      We used Sunquest for 30 years before making the switch! Which blood bank system are you currently using?

      Are you doing any data conversion to transfer the data from your old system into Softbank?

      I look forward to speaking with you!


  3. techchief


    Does anyone use an X-Ray irradiator to irradiate blood components? If so, what manufacturer/model? Was there special requirements for the equipment set-up? Have you have any problems with it? If you had it to do over again would you still buy the same manufacturer/model?
  4. The dummy AS is reflexed so we do not have to order it. Actually, the test called a TS-EXM and includes both the Blood Type & AS. The AS has a rule so when the true AS is resulted as Negative, the dummy AS is automatically resulted as negative. The tech then goes into the TS-EXM specimen number to enter the Blood Type result. The TS-EXM has a specimen expiration automatically assigned to expire in 3 days @ 2359. I know it sounds confusing, but it works for us.
  5. We are on Meditech 6.06. In order for the EXM to be extended to 2359 on the Day 3, we created a "dummy" antibody screen that is reflexed when the patient has a NEGATIVE antibody screen. The "dummy" antibody screen extends the specimen's expiration time to 2359.
  6. We wash for the following reasons; Neonate has increased K - when fresh bood (<6 days old) required for certain protocols is not available.
  7. Please send me copies to the following e-mail dheaggans@sbcglobal.net - Thanks
  8. Can you send me a copy? dheaggans@sbcglobal.net Thanks
  9. Our Blood Bank purchased a Helmer freezer in 2007-it went out by the end of 2007. Helmer did replace it and now we are having problems with this new one that we have had for about 3 months. Just a bad lot or something
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