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  1. We do autocontrol with all ABIDs. Do any of you also do autocontrol with all antibody screening tests (we do not).
  2. Didn't mean to be so cryptic. Yes: antibody screeing test and maternal fetal hemorrhage. This line of questioning began because a local OB/gyn questioned the validity of our antibody screen on a second trimester patient with a second vaginal bleeding event (not a threatened pregnancy loss). She had given the young lady a Rhogam injection and ordered the screen three days later to see if she should give another injection. The screen was negative. She felt that was impossible and also wanted a way to differentiate passive from alloimmunization. Well, first of all the screen would have to be positive! If it were, and if it were low titer, one might presume passive. If it were higher, one could do DTT treatment. But all that is moot. So, the essence of my question was how often is the screen negative in the few days post injection; I have no reason to believe we have an analytical problem.
  3. Hello, I'm a new guy and am glad to have found this site. I have a question which perhaps I ought to post to a more proper forum; but until I figure this out, I will ask it here. In what percentage of cases is an AST postive after standard Rhogam injection? On average, what is the longevity of a measurable AST at whatever titre for anti-D after injection. IgG half-life is about three weeks, but over what time interval are our tests sufficiently sensitive to pick up a titer? I would assume all answers would be tempered by the presence of MFH of varying severity which might account for loss of the passive anti-D in the serum. And, lastly, is anyone really looking at the AST to help determine if additional Rhogam is necessary (in an antepartum bleed situation, i.e., within three days of the initial injection to see if another injection is called for)? Nothing like a succinct question on my first foray, huh?
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