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  1. Thanks Carolyn! It's definitely helpful. Do you also use DTT to treat plasma to differentiate between IgG and IgM? I'm thinking since we're going to have the reagent we might as well add that to our options too but I'm not sure it's worth it. One step at a time I guess lol.
  2. I know we're a little late to this but I'm trying to write a procedure/validate using DTT to eliminate Dara interference using the premade 0.2M DTT from HemoBioscience and was wondering if anyone that's currently performing the testing would be willing to share their SOP. At first glance it seemed so simple: thaw, treat the cells, test them- done. I think we all know nothing is that simple though, so the more I work on it the farther down the rabbit hole I go (what temp does it thaw at, how important is a specific pH of 7.3 on this PBS really, how should I label this stupid stuff to keep peop
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