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  1. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and are healthy. I am a new member to this website and I had few questions regarding the MLS and the Blood Bank Categorial exams. I recently (two months ago) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences and just got offered a job as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in the Blood Bank Department. I am an international student in The United States hence, in order to obtain work permit I had to give my MLS(ASCP) exam before starting my job. Unfortunately, I failed the MLS exam by 2 points last week. In order to avoid waiting for three months to retake my exam and return back to my country, I thought of giving the Blood Bank (ASCP) categorial exam. I did some research and realized that many people who has giving the BB exam are experienced and have at least worked few years in the Blood Bank. Is it advisable for me to give the BB exam as I am newly graduate? If so, would you please kindly suggest materials and study resources to prepare myself for the BB exam? I appreciate all the help. Thanking you in advance.
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