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  1. Hi David, you usually respond quickly. I hope you are a Covid safe. michele
  2. Hi David, I am struggling with a method to method comparison for apheresis platelet counts. Please see below. I wrote this for my data eval and determination of acceptance. ● An acceptable bias or allowable total error of ±7.0% for platelet count was set for this method to method comparison. The mean of the Abbott Cell-Dyn method is 1.5408 with a standard deviation of 0.2248. It is 95% confident that the sample mean falls between 1.47199 and 1.60961 or ±4.5%. The mean of the Coulter DxH 800/600 is 1.5397 with a standard deviation of 0.2376. It is 95% confident that the s
  3. Hello, Does anyone have a method to method SOP/form they would like to share for transfusion services? Michele
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