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  1. Barbara, just messaged you my email. Thank you!!!
  2. Hello fellow BBers! This is my first time posting and I'm still getting oriented with this site so please be patient with me if I'm not posting in the right forum/topic. I don't participate in social media platforms or chats so this is all pretty foreign to me. I'm an MT(ASCP) who graduated in 2000 and have been working in the same BB ever since then until last summer. It's a teaching hospital with multiple research programs such as cancer, sickle cell, pediatrics, HPC and bone marrow transplants as well as a level I trauma center. Needless to say, I have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge over the last 20 years. Last year I made the decision of moving to a smaller hospital because the pressure at work was adversely affecting my health, I'm still working at a BB but it's a much smaller operation compared to what I used to do. Now that my husband has finished his doctorate and started teaching micro at a CLS program, I am considering getting certified for SBB. I gave myself a year to prepare for it since there's a pandemic going on and I might as well use this time to do something productive. Having looked at some of the SBB review materials, I'm starting to have a lot of doubts about being able to do this in a year. I know studying the technical manual and the standards is a given, but I feel like I kind of have to start over and learn the academic stuff all over again, not to mention lab management, budget, cost analysis, etc. Is my goal realistic having been out of school for so long? I still have my old harmening BB text book from 2 decades ago and I have my husband's hematology book as well. I appreciate any feedbacks.
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