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  1. Hi Kai - We can definitely help you! Korchek Technologies is the industry leader for legacy data conversion and regulatory validation. Our consultants are Medical Technologists experienced with all software vendors in the following areas: Blood Bank Anatomic Pathology Microbiology General Laboratory HIS Interfaces Instrument Interfaces Reference Lab Interfaces Visit https://korchek.com/about-us/ to watch our 'testimonial video' and to learn more about us. You can also email for more info at support@korchek.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon! KORCHEK_16X9_ALT.mp4
  2. Korchek Technologies provides the CareChek suite of PPID systems, with the following modules: Transfusion Specimen Collection Medication Administration Breast Milk Matching Catheter Tracking Visit www.korchek.com for more information!
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