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  1. Thanks for your replies. As for the first question - does he have training and competency records? That is actually what he got written up for. We received a citation from AABB in September 2018 for incomplete training records, namely his. After 8 months, he had made no progress on getting these completed and was written up for it. I don't think this would have happened without my complaint. After finally completing his training records, I asked if he was given any expectation for competencies whether it be now or 6 months from now and he said he didn't know. I don't believe he's complet
  2. Hello, About two and a half years ago, I received a promotion to CLS Coordinator of Transfusion Services for my hospital. I applied for this job while we also had an opening for manager. I did not apply for the manager job. My job description essentially states that I assure the quality plan is followed. I have come to Pathlabtalk many times since then for guidance on various topics. I have not signed up or commented until now. The manager job at my hospital was open for a year and we finally got someone to take the job from another area location. There were no internal applicants. From t
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