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  1. Thank you for the reply. The ZZAP'd cells were allogenic. At our institute if the DC is positive and the DAT is also positive due to IgG. We ZZAP the patient's cells and repeat Rh group. I was surprised the IRL did not do that.
  2. Hi, We had a grouping discrepancy for a patient where forward group reactions were all positive including the Rh control. Patient's original group was A positive but we had weak reactions with Anti-A and A1 cells. (washed patient cells 4 times with RT saline and repeated group, same reactions) The antibody screen was positive including the autocontrol. Dat and eluate all positive. So we thought it's a warm auto and send it to our reference lab for investigation. They performed adsorption with zzap'd cells and there was no clinically significant antibody detected in ads
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