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  1. We filter our syringe blood. We labor the syringe as such. I'm pretty confident the RNs don't refilter again.
  2. Merry Xmas friends. My blood bank uses PEG for tube method X-matches. We use EDTA when collecting samples. So when I see that we need to put a result (Hemolysis/No Hemolysis) under the 37C incubation - I get confused. Doesn't EDTA chelate Ca from complement and therefore inactivated it. And thus will never see Hemolysis at 37C if using EDTA tubes? Thanks friends.
  3. Thanks ppl for your input. I really appreciate it. Well see what happens once the pt is off his meds and the ABO Ag expression comes back. Again thank you for your input
  4. Sorry. Reverse is his historical AB Pos. a1 cells = 0 b cells = 0 Also I was reading on the polycythemia vera drug - Hydroxyurea, and it stated that an increase in Hgb F happens when taking it. But if I'm not mistaken, the change in normal Hgb A to Hgb F shouldn't change the RBC surface Ag expression.
  5. A 40 yo male w polycythemia vera patient was previously typed AB Pos antibody screen negative. He started taking Hydroxyurea to lower his RBC count. A month later his forward typing reaction was: anti-A = 0 anti-B = mf anti-D = 4+ control = 0 He has never has any transfusion. My question is how is, what's causing his ABO discrepancy?
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