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  1. BethBMS

    UKAS - Uncertainty of measurement in BT

    Thanks! This is quite helpful and lots of things to consider Beth
  2. BethBMS

    UKAS - Uncertainty of measurement in BT

    Thanks Malcolm! I thought we were just missing something! Will put it to UKAS and see what they come up with Beth
  3. Hi! Was wondering if anyone had any advice and guidance on how to tackle uncertainty of measurement for testing using Diamed gelstation/IH system. We have been inspected by UKAS (last year) and one of our connected hospitals/labs have had their surveillance recently only to bring up UoM for transfusion testing. I don't know if I am just being a bit niave but I was under the assumption that UoM should be used for quantitative assays, and obviously we are using qualitative assays. Does anyone know how we would go about calculating UoM from this? We've again not been given any guidance from UKAS themselves (surprise?) and I am struggling to find a sensible way to work this out! Any help is much appreciated Beth

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