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Valitating a BioFridge Refrigerator on Wheels for MTPs

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Hello everyone,

My hospital is currently looking into getting a BioFridge refrigerator on wheels for our MTPs. I was wondering if anyone out there used one of these products and, if so, what if any validations did you have to do for it. I am not familiar with it, but have been told that is can hold thawed ffp and rbcs in separate areas of the refrigerator. They are also supposed to maintain their temperature for up to 18 hours before needing to be plugged back in to an electrical outlet.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Tammy,

We used BioFridges at the last hospital I worked at. We had T-15s (only one compartment) and we used them for our pediatric heart cases so they contained both RBCs and FFP at the same time.  We used 5 day plasma and all units had Safe-T-Vues.  Our policy for any remote storage is all RBCs/FFP have Safe-T-Vues. The idea was thrown around to use these for MTPs as we were doing ITW coolers for that.  In my opinion, the BF is way easier to set up once you get used to it.

In regards to validating in, you need to come up with challenges based on what it'll be used for.  You'll also need some type of temperature monitoring device if it'll be out of the blood bank for more than 4 hours (hopefully not for MTPs).  Basically you need to challenge the battery life with your fullest capacity (6:6:1 or whatever your MTP schedule is; some BioFridges have a top shelf for a platelet).  You'll also want to do some type of challenge to prove you could catch is a unit was out of temp but returned to the BF.  Example, place safe-t-vues on units and run it through a challenge that looks like leaving the lid open for awhile, removing the basket with units inside for say an hour, returning the basket.  Your BF should be in temp but your units should not be accepted back into inventory.  We basically treated it like a high tech cooler since our system staff didn't feel it could be treated as a refrigerator.

I hope that sets you on the right track.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


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