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Vitek raw data

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Hi Micro people,

I see that there is still not much action here on the Micro forum, compared to the awesome Blood bank forum..but I am going to try my luck anyway and put my question out there!

I need to export some raw MIC data from the Vitek 2 compact, to a flash drive for use on a study that the lab is participating in. 

Yes I could phone the company etc and ask some colleagues but boy, everyone is sooo busy during our shift, so its way easier for me when I have the headspace at home.

I correlate the data for a quarterly timeframe and use the AGAR (Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance) portal to lodge our findings. 

I have recently taken on this role and learning the ropes.

Anyone know how to get the raw mic data out for a particular time period??

Thanks in advance,

Linda :)

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