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  1. Hi Micro people, I see that there is still not much action here on the Micro forum, compared to the awesome Blood bank forum..but I am going to try my luck anyway and put my question out there! I need to export some raw MIC data from the Vitek 2 compact, to a flash drive for use on a study that the lab is participating in. Yes I could phone the company etc and ask some colleagues but boy, everyone is sooo busy during our shift, so its way easier for me when I have the headspace at home. I correlate the data for a quarterly timeframe and use the AGAR (Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance) portal to lodge our findings. I have recently taken on this role and learning the ropes. Anyone know how to get the raw mic data out for a particular time period?? Thanks in advance, Linda
  2. LJE

    Micro Audits

    Thanks for that. Yes it's micro. I have a list of checks to do, but thought it would be reasonable to select say 3 pieces of equipment rather than trying to cover them all. Is that normally acceptable?
  3. LJE

    Micro Audits

    I have been asked to 'look after' the audits.... mmmm ok, where to start .. I have a schedule..from the QPULSE system So this is internal audits. The first one I will be tackling is the equipment audit. Does anyone have some advice on the best way to go about this..so as to do it well and thoroughly..??
  4. LJE


    Hi I have recently returned to micro after a 10 year stint in Blood Bank, so I know about the great BB forum. I am at a public teaching hospital in Sydney Australia , a very busy micro lab. Things have changed in 10 years, we now have PCR and a Maldi...! It would be great to get some feedback on issues in Micro and maybe help out where I can... LJE.....
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