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History Upload from Meditech 6.0 to Cerner Millenium

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Has anybody actually accomplished this? Are there any 3rd party vendors that can do this? 


It isn't in the scope of our contract with Cerner but I am trying to push for funding sp that we have everything in one place and I don't have to worry about typos when entering data in manually to Millenium. Nor do I have to maintain 2 systems.




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We never did the history upload you are planning, but thought I'd throw out to you some of my past experiences.


In an old hospital I worked, we did a Sunquest to Cerner Millenium history upload. My IT guy did it super fast and easy (took him like a few days). At my current hospital, we tried to do a Meditech older version (?)  to Meditech newer version (5.65) history upload. It took my IT Dept a year to accomplish with multiple fixes required by Meditech along the way. I got the impression that Meditech had never ever done a history upload before. They make the task very daunting for the end user to discourage anyone from actually attempting to preserve their blood bank history. I believe their philosophy is patient history data is really quite unimportant esp. for blood bank.

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