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Ortho 2 in 1 Workstation

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Hi!  Wondering if someone can help me.  My BioMed Team only calculates g force on our centrifuges.  When we had the old Ortho Centrifuge, the User Manual Stated on the second page " The OLD MTS Centrifuge™ Model 5150-60 will reach a speed of 895 ±25 RPM. (revolutions per minute); 80-90 RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force)"  However, I am unable to find this information anywhere for the 2-in-1 Centrifuge Incubator Model ( I am attaching image).  Now, I have a calculation to convert, and I did measure the radius.  But here's the thing:  I'm not 100% sure if I am measuring the radius correctly,  and 2- I would love to have something in writing from Ortho, like in the previous manual.  Does anyone have any information, or can direct me somewhere?  I reached out to Ortho, and not only do they not know the g force in rcf, they also don't know their centrifuge radius either.

Thank you to anyone that can hep!! 


g = (1.118 x 10-5) x R x S2

Where g is the relative centrifugal force , R is the radius of the rotor in centimeters and S is the speed of the centrifuge in revolutions per minute (RPM). The follow table is a simple reference for common rotor sizes and their RCF values in units of times gravity (x g).  For example, an experiment requires a sample to centrifuged at 5,000g and the centrifuge that is available has a rotor of 9cm, using the table below, the centrifuge needs to be run at a speed of 7,000rpm as this gives an RCF of 4930 x g.  Using the formula the precise speed would be 7,049rpm.

The OLD MTS Centrifuge™ Model 5150-60 will reach a speed of 895 ±25 RPM. (revolutions per minute); 80-90 RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force) 

The New Ortho-Clinical Diagnostic’s 2 in 1 Centrifuge-Incubator Workstation is 1032 rpm + 10 rpm which is ??


centrifuge radius.jpg

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