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SBB and route 2 (work experience)

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I am hoping to take the SBB at the end of the year or early next year. I am using route 2 (work experience) and have a question about the donor center experience. It says it can be done by performance, observation or simulation. What type of simulation would one do for that? I work as a traveling tech and have not worked in an area where a Vitalant or Red Cross is nearby. There is a Vitalant here but I think they just collect the blood and then a courier takes it to the main processing area which is 4 hours from where I live. I can't do a SBB course because they cost more than I can afford at the time and most require a clinical portion which as a traveler is a bit hard to do if you are only there for 13 weeks. Any ideas would be welcome. I have not applied yet because I wanted to be get most of the information down before I did. I do plan on reaching out to the BOR to see what they suggest but thought I would post here also.

I have the 5th ed of the Specialist in Blood Banking Study Guide and while going through it there are questions labeled SBB Q1, SBB Q2 etc and my thought is that they are similar to the questions on the exam. There is a test your knowledge section at the end of each section also.

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I would suggest you contact both of your local blood centers and see if they are either able to accommodate an on-site or virtual/simulated educational program.  If nothing else they probably have tours you can attend to get things going.  I know it's a drive but experience does help on the exam.  I found this on line:



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