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Job Opening--Coordinator Position in Small Transfusion Service

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I am the transfusion service coordinator in the lab of a small rural hospital.  I am retiring at the end of the year and my lab manager has posted my position on this site.  I thought I would add some information.


Bishop California, population around 5,000, is located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range near the Nevada border.  We are 200 miles south of Reno, 300 miles northeast of LA.  We are a vacation destination/retirement community.  In the Sierra to the west, and the White Mountains to the east, there is hiking, backpacking, fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, biking, rock climbing, bird watching and more.   In town there’s a golf course and a bowling alley, two excellent bakeries, several coffee shops, numerous restaurants, a really great hamburger joint and several yoga studios. 


The hospital is small.  We have 3 orthopedic surgeons, 2 general surgeons, 3 OB/GYN doctors, a few specialists and numerous ED doctors, hospitalists and generalists.  We transfer critical patients to larger health facilities with higher levels of care. 


In the transfusion service, our inventory includes 10 units O positive, 6 units A positive, 2 units A negative, 2 units B positive, 8 units O negative and 10 units frozen plasma.  Our blood supplier is Vitalent in Reno. Monday through Friday a courier delivers and returns blood products.  On weekends and outside of courier hours we make other arrangement with the California Highway Patrol or a hospital courier.  (We seldom need to make such arrangements). 


We use Ortho MTS gel (manual) and tube.  We perform antibody screens with a 3 cell screening panel.  We send out positive antibody screens (maybe one every one-two months).  We perform 30-45 type and screens a month.  We transfuse monthly 10-40 pRBCs, 0-4 frozen plasmas, and 0-1 platelets.


It was odd that I became the coordinator in 2007 because I had little blood banking experience.  But I managed to get into a SBB program and pass the SBB exam.  I also read the Blood Bank Talk site daily. With my SBB and information from BBT the department is compliant with standards and regulations.  Joint Commission surveyors visit us every two years.  Usually they find one or two “observations” but we passed the last survey with no “observations”.


In our lab we have 10 lab techs (generalists), 4 lab assistants, 5 phlebotomists.  We are a happy, friendly group.  I enjoy working with our team.  I have an excellent relationship with the nursing staff and meet with the nursing executives monthly to review transfusion documentation of signatures and vital signs and other transfusion issues.


If you would like to live in a quiet town with amazing scenery and great recreational opportunities, and if you would like to run a small transfusion service in a lab with great people, this job is for you!

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