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Cerner millennium test transfer

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Hello all,

We're currently using Cerner millenium LIS and needing to re-route and transfer a bulk of tests daily from our lab to a non-hub government lab for help with the Covid testing.

Is there a fast way to do this?

At present we are re-routing one by one (up to 300 a day) and creating a transfer list. It takes too long. There must be a better way.

Thanks in advance. 

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I'm not visualizing this well, can you give a longer explanation of what you're trying to do? Are you talking about the transfer specimens app?

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Hello, yes it’s the transfer specimens icon.

Firstly, I go to the log in page and scan barcodes of 90 samples, click log-in, which opens a box, which displays the current location. At the top of that box there’s an option to reroute the sample somewhere else. You can choose a new location and click enter. After that you use the down arrow to select the next patient sample, and so on (90 times)! Once that is done, uncheck labels and click ok.

Then go to the transfer specimen page, rescan all your barcodes and save.

Once you have the transfer list number, you can transfer that list to the new location.

Its a long process. Do you have a shortcut?


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Your workflow doesn't seem the same as ours.

We utilize the Specimen Log-In app, by accession. 
Scan all barcodes and press the log-in button to our general lab location. This automatically pulls all specimens into general lab, it doesn't require us to reroute the samples.

After everything is logged into lab we utilize the Transfer Specimens app.
Click new at the bottom of the app
Select location to transfer to and the appropriate temp then click retrieve
After that it shows all of our specimens waiting to be transferred in list view, we can choose the select all button then the move button, click save, and click transfer.

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Hi James,

Thanks for your replies to this topic.

Normally, our workflow would be similar to yours I think.

This is an unusual circumstance at present where we are sending large volumes of tests away. I don’t believe there is a quicker way to do what we need to do, but thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. :)


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