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Blood Issue Process

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I am working on implementing a new blood bank system which has a very poor Crossmatch/Blood issue process, I'm looking for some examples to give to our IT department as to how other systems manage this process because I think they think I'm wanting something that is top level functionality when I see it as a basic requirement. Please can you give a brief outline of your LIS Crossmatch/Issue processes for me. 


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On 6/20/2019 at 4:17 PM, tcoyle said:

Are you creating your own software?

I wish, if I was I could make it 100 times better than what we have, its been designed by people who have clearly no concept of blood bank. 

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This is such a complex question - I don't even know where to start.  Meditech is a basic system (DOS based) that ties the unit to the patient after ordering and resulting.  The system then "issues" the unit that has been crossmatched in an ISSUE screen that lists the patient, the unit, the date/time (and who crossmatched the unit) of the crossmatch, the date/time  and people involved in the issue process and then transfers the unit to transfused status in the system - all tied to the patient.

So I guess the basics of what you need would be:

Patient - full ID (name, DOB, system IDs (medical record #, etc.); 

Pt's group and type - ideally, the system should also list any pt. antibodies on the tag also.

Blood Bank ID band numbers (if you use one of those systems) and/or any other required identifier for your hospital

Unit number  and Group and type - the system should be built to help you restrict units to type specific/compatible units only

Ideally the system should be able to list any antigen testing on the units.

Who did the crossmatch and when (so you can keep track of expiring crossmatches)

When the unit is issued- by who and to who

Our Meditech Issue/Transfusion tag is also built to print out a blank form (this is the bottom half of the tag) for Nursing to list; Transfusionists (transfusing  RN and secondary ID check RN), the times and vitals for pre, 15 min, 1 hour and End for the transfusion - but if you do this some other way - say in the computer itself - you may not need that.

Does that help?  In any computer system, this data has to be linked to so many different areas in a Blood Bank system that getting that data to a new form is where the challenge comes it.  Best of luck.



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