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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone run an autocontrol with the antibody screen if the patient has a history of clinically significant antibodies? We do not normally run an autocontrol with our antibody screens (gel). We run them when we do panel work. I recently ran an autocontrol anticipating a positive screen as the patient already had 3 antibodies, the screen reacted last month, and he had been transfused recently. The screen was negative, the autocontrol was positive, and the eluate was negative. I did go beyond our policy since the screen was negative, but I felt better about issuing the blood, and talked to the supervisor about it. We'd both like to know what the policy is at other places.
  2. For those of you treating cells with DTT for patients taking daratumumab/darzalex: Have you come across a positive autocontrol, with treated and untreated cells? Currently, patient on DARA: initial screen-panagglutinin, auto-positive. Testing with treated cells: screen-negative, auto-positive. QC-valid (testing Kpos and Epos cell) antigen typing for K-neg, E-pos I have been unable to find any research with this information. We are currently in the process of validating DTT treatment. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you
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